What’s New with staying connected in iOS 15

Share Play in iOS 15

Staying Connected

Facetime is iOS 15 is coming with a lot of improvements (watch out Zoom). These improvements are meant to make the facetiming experience feel more like communication face to face.

Audio has been improved with the addition of spatial audio, which will allow users to feel as though they are in the same room as each other. Changes to the audio capturing now allow users to use voice isolation, which prioritizes the speaker’s voice over background audio. This is powered by machine learning. Wide spectrum is another new microphone setting that captures audio more completely.

Video capturing on FaceTime is also getting an upgrade. Users can now use portrait mode in FaceTime, which has an effect of a sharpened focus on the camera’s subject while blurring the background. iOS 15’s FaceTime is also coming with GridView, a feature that will let users video call with multiple people, and will display each user’s video in a grid format. GridView makes it possible to differentiate between speaker’s by highlighting the view of the current speaker.

One feature I found exciting, is the new FaceTime links. Apple users can now generate FaceTime links to share with their friends, allowing users to schedule FaceTime calls. What I find exciting is now you can join a FaceTime call from an android or window’s phone, just by opening the link from a web browser. Screen sharing capabilities have also been added in iOS 15.

Saving the best for last, the coolest feature coming to FaceTime in iOS 15 is Share Play. Share Play will allow users to enjoy media together during their call. Users can now listen to music from iTunes together, stream movies together, and use other apps that have integrated the Share Play API into their app.

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